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The Living Memorial

Since 1976, funeral service professionals have taken great pride in offering bereaved families the Living Memorial® program. With the selection of a Batesville casket or an Options® by Batesville cremation product, your funeral director can make arrangements for a tree seedling to be planted in selected woodlands at no cost to you.

Developed by Batesville Casket Company, in agreement with various government agencies, the program has been responsible for reforesting many thousands of acres with more than ten million trees.

In the United States alone, the Department of Agriculture Forest Service has planted trees in most of the 156 national forests. In addition, international reforestation projects are underway in cooperation with The Grand River Foundation and The Canadian Forestry Association in Canada, the Australian Trust for Conservation Volunteers, and The National Forest Company in the United Kingdom.

The species and locations of the trees are determined by the government agencies in charge, based upon the greatest reforestation needs, such as areas damaged by forest fires and natural disasters. The Living Memorial program has grown to become the world’s largest memorial reforestation effort.

The Living Memorial program – commemorating one generation and caring for the next.

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